Monday, April 30, 2012

Emma Graham: party frocks to classroom chic

            With spring races, grad parties, and summer time events filling up your calendar finding the right dress can pose quite a challenge. However the designers at Emma Graham have your back. The Boston designer's began their line of customizable dresses in college. Emma Mahon and Jackie Graham are best friends, separated at college the two had trouble finding moderately priced clothing that would work double duty, for their busy social calendars and academic everyday.
            The duo targets women ages 18 to 30, keeping themselves well with in their marketed range. While a few boutiques nation wide carry the young designers dresses, the Emma Graham website is a major part of their selling philosophy.
            The Emma Graham website features skirts, dresses and hats in a variety of styles and colors. For those looking to ad a personal touch for that special occasion the website features a Design your Own tab. This tab features the most popular apparel, including hats. In three steps you can have a customized party dress or hat. Just pick out your silhouette, color and size, and in just 2 weeks youll be rocking and Emma Graham dress designed just for you.
The site also features a CampusCollection available from August to November for Universities Nationwide. The idea stemmed from co-founder Emma Mahon whose days of college football games warranted dressing up. These skirts and dresses feature customized colors and designs specific for your University.
Head over to Emma Graham today and see what you can create, it may be just what youre looking for. From social wear to class wear Emma Graham designs are sure to make a statement.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Uscoop: "we chase you score"

Trending on college campus's nation wide have been daily deal websites, such as Groupon and Rue La La. These sites offer free online membership and bring you a host of daily deals of which to buy discounted goods, from diamond rings to sky diving excursions. Recently I stumbled upon a site called Uscoop, a daily deal website dedicated to all things college, self-proclaimed as "the first website that brings exclusive deals to college students on what’s hot now."
Uscoop is a members only site, that brings discounts straight to your email, everything from dorm room decor to stylish everyday basics. The website has four main tabs that members can click on to get their daily scoop, "today's chase", "campus style watch", "campus cribs", and the Uscoop blog. Each of the four sections features the daily "chase".
Everyday, users can log on and immediately find "today's chase" to discover the daily discount. Each daily deal is accessible for about 3 or 4 days beyond its debut. Many of the items feature nautical navy and patriotic red. All of the items are approved by Uscoop college interns stationed around the country at various colleges and universities. If the daily deal is a clothing item or accessory you can find more information under the "campus style watch" tab and the blog. Usually the blog will take the featured item and create a design board around it. For example if the daily deal is a picture frame, the blog would feature similar frames styled in different ways. If the item is a home good the "campus cribs" tab would then feature a university dorm or apartment where the item had been spotted. The various tabs tie together the daily deal in multiple ways, making your styling habits whether it be your wardrobe or room, effortless.
So go for it check out Uscoop ( and reel in todays catch, as they say "we chase you score".