Sunday, March 25, 2012

Summer Job Search

As spring break comes to an end, students across the country swap out their gossip magazines for biology textbooks, returning to school with sun-kissed skin. Spring semester is a busy time of the year as summer plans are made, finals quickly approach and the few prepare for graduation. For those of us lucky enough to have a few more years left summer is a much needed break from the college life. The search for summer jobs however, can be anything but relaxing this guide from HuffPost College should make the search a little smoother.
The first tip offered by the online blog is to start the search early, right after spring break in fact. The article says that bosses won’t mind waiting for school to let out, it is well worth holding out for the perfect candidate.
Secondly, take risks. The article says that students should “apply for jobs outside of their wheelhouse”. HuffPost believes this is the time to play around with skills, new and old. Fill the holes in your job experience and make connections for after graduation. Internships are highly suggested, as they are a great resume builder and allow you to “network and take on short term projects”. The article also suggests volunteering to build your resume.
One of the major points was to avoid overextending yourself, it is called summer break for a reason. You want to take this time to reboot for the fall and another year at school. By starting your job search early you’ll have all your summer plans in place before finals week rolls around, avoiding the rush. Don’t forget to take time to travel, relax, and enjoy your time away from campus.  

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